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raw countryside

Electric Tower by Gynormus-Cranius In the Stream of Seasons by MaximeDaviron
Takakkaw Falls - Canada by dunkeltoy bolide by NWunseen Moss Glen Blues by joerossbach
Elowah by aFeinPhoto-com A Night To Remember by uberfischer Liechtensteinklamm - 01 by AndreasResch
Owens River Dawn by collectiveone Sweeping Dawn by Dee-T Red Rock by SebastianKraus
:thumb301695003: Niceland II by JanMoeller :thumb296336788:
Fleeting moments by Klarens-photography Wetmore Glow by Julian-Bunker Sierra Summer by benjamin-charles
Third Time's The Charm by JacquelineBarkla alien by arbebuk Golden Temple by bedustreetart
Treasure island by porbital Beaming At Burgess by CainPascoe Rush by andyhutchinson
A Sea of Desire by MarkLucey Fields of Ice by erezmarom Reflections of Pink and Blue by MarkLucey
Overwhelming by IvanAndreevich A Place For Dreams by MaximeCourty Farmyard Ruins by MorkelErasmus
The Milky Way by k-n-8 tananger 07 by martinasdf Albuquerque Lightning by k-n-8
Chamonix Needles ID by alexandre-deschaumes Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness by alexandre-deschaumes Dream of the mountains... by JPGphotos
Pebbly Beach Sunrise by DrewHopper :thumb296477499: Ethereal Delight by DrewHopper
Ancient Bristlecone Sunset by narmansk8 Winter Wonderland 28 by doruoprisan Sheguiandah Creek by tfavretto
Injunup Point WA by Furiousxr I I I I I I I I I I I by BOsKiKroKodyL Bachalp by TobiasRichter
Paisley.. by M-Atif-Saeed Zabriskie by Annabelle-Chabert Peachy by Oer-Wout
Dark waters by Prisma-photo :thumb299469745:
what we have to save

Possession by Danvanbilderbeek Sligachan Sunrise by pestilence
Hamn i Senja... _11 by my-shots Fire in the Sky by andyhutchinson :thumb345830768:
Land of the Valar by MaximeDaviron The North Country by CezarMart Miracle by life-flashes
Insane Moment by FlorentCourty AI Blues by tourofnature Doomsday Sunrise by kkart
Siblings by hateom :thumb345381638: Im a Dreamer by A2Matos
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Reou d'Arsine by SvenMueller Autumn Lights by ludovicjamet :thumb333577477:
Es Pontas by Nightline Mirror by Annabelle-Chabert Full Moon Rising Over Mt. Whitney by narmansk8
The great escape by alexandre-deschaumes Periphery by benjamin-charles Mani wall near Chharka Bhot by Dominion-Photography
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Contrasts on the hills. by MarioGuti My Africa 64 by catman-suha Entrance to The Subway, II by coulombic
Nautilus by erezmarom Distant Dreams by simonebyrne Heaven' s on Fire 4 - RE-EDITED by Bojkovski
Driftwood Future (photograph, double exposure) by AugenStudios Sunrise Over Dream Lake by Jacob-Routzahn :

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Submitted on
June 6, 2012


32 (who?)

walking in paradise

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 6, 2012, 8:49 AM

dedicated to Lisalein
we will miss you

where is my mind? by Lisa-Schneider


over the years by arbebuk Trails by white-white 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong by uzengia
voices of calm by arbebuk Miedzywodzie 11 by white-white Candy by white-white
160209 by ThierryHuchet In the Moonlight by Maciej-Koniuszy Reflection by soulofautumn87

Impact by Oer-Wout Scotland IV by julie-rc
devil's bridge by Artemisia-dream passing clouds .. by slatkatajna Final Season 5 by yv
Better Times To Come by ArjenCalter Sunset Embrace by I-am-Avalon Sokkelvika by Zx20

:thumb154905043: Winter nature by sternenfern trees... by impatienss
To Engage by Nelleke Doodstil by Oer-Wout The End by Nelleke

autumn tales along this road.. by Artemisia-dream Blinding Finish by Shareeef Autumn colors in Apuseni Mountains 18 by adypetrisor
wonderfull land nonostea by nonostea The magic path... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria nothing 69 by RedupReda
Spring Is In The Air pt. 2 by EintoeRn Deep Freeze by Nate-Zeman A windy day by Addran

:thumb113663938: Lonely Soul by AstralWind :thumb116007583:
Autumn Sun by GaiusNefarious Into Beyond by Oer-Wout t r e e by MaphiuLuta
Tree Dreamer by intao of love and shadows by Linlith silent trees by sabbbriCA

everlasting gaze XIX by Ditze Beach by white-white Warm Wisper by Astranat
day seven by arbebuk .........   ........... by magdalenawanli Far...far... by MartaC
N O O T H E R L O V E by Andrea-Reyes Finality by IvanAndreevich Blinding Reflections by Enkased

Where giants once stood by Kounelli1 Morning in Bromo by Stefano-Coltelli Summerexplotion by steinliland
Where I live by Philippe-Albanel Bara Harbor by Philippe-Albanel A piece of my vision by Philippe-Albanel
Owens River and Eastern Sierra Sunrise by narmansk8 Twilight Explosion by DrewHopper Spare Time by Jacob-Routzahn
Abandoned under Aurora by wchild Polifitos lake by sui400 Aurora Borealis sec. ver. by steinliland

Roseate by benjamin-charles Ancient Forces by Ian-Plant Waterpocket Fold by benjamin-charles
Candyland by tomaskaspar The wise old one by prperold La Jolla Sunset by engrafico
Moment by Konieczny12 Thunder light by PeterJCoskun Mono blaze by PeterJCoskun
Silky by JanMoeller :thumb293843799: The Great Pollet Arch by Konieczny12

Horseshoe Bend by Nate-Zeman Trees on fire by ivancoric Mobius Storm Light by narmansk8
An Ocean Cocktail by MarkLucey An Aqua Dawn by MarkLucey Valahnukur by alexandre-deschaumes
Summer Wonderland 2 by doruoprisan Alone in the Alps 6 by doruoprisan Wilderness' Magic by FlorentCourty

Intergalactic portal by PeterJCoskun Is-olated by Dee-T Light's Echo by Ian-Plant
Ponytail Falls by porbital No Obstacle by Dee-T eloway by NWunseen
Ilsetal by MatthiasHaltenhof World of mist by emmanueldautriche Cedar Creek by PhotoByTrace
Mist of Oblivion by Weissglut Mists of Down Below by LAlight Grimm II by Nelleke

Northern Lights Panorama 1 by slickwilly182 September Striations Panorama by FramedByNature :thumb208852870:
Of Mountains and Mist by LAlight A New Start by kkart Golden Dragon by Scorpidilion
the rock under the moon by rdalpes Wild waves by ivancoric Mystic Silk by MarkLucey

Scarlet road by Northstar76 Untitled by JPtHart Frozen forest by bittersweetvenom
Road trippin by GaiusNefarious Stormfront by Panomenal Tornado in the Plains by FramedByNature
New Cycle by A2Matos Nothing As It Seems by werol Trees in fog by WojciechDziadosz

Astraka Peak by KirlianCamera Little intimidator by PeterJCoskun Milky Sea by mark-flammable
The Mystical Quiraing by EvaMcDermott Tatry by rsn4ke Lavender Valley by WishmasterAlchemist
Remembrance by SvenMueller :thumb268873164: Gunlock Desert Landscape by michael-dalberti

Frozen Forest by FlorentCourty Nebelwald by mARTinimal Children story by MikkoLagerstedt
Restless Sky by tangratannakra Coming Home by LeashaHooker Rainy Season Skies by juddpatterson
Ocean of Secrets by ArwensGrace
Beneath the Stars by Dee-T


thank you for your works

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  • Watching: late movies
  • Playing: with my little son
  • Eating: good stuff
  • Drinking: milkcoffee
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so many eye catching art works :clap: great journal entry
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