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January 13


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book of Genesis

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 13, 2014, 2:56 AM

I don't believe a person has a style. What people have is a way of photographing what is inside them. What is there comes out.
Sebastiao Salgado

The Ethereal World by RobertoBertero

fall reflections by NWunseen Bracklinn Falls by FlippinPhil hidden source by dfm63
Luxembourg by Bakisto Hell on Earth - Normal exposure by matthieu-parmentier Unknown Germany pt. XXVIII by TheChosenPesssimist
der Morgen by ArkanumTenebrae Tham Lod Cave by DrewHopper through the fog forest by ArkanumTenebrae

Rays Of Luck by jkrab

Two oaks with mighty roots, yellow autumn foliage by zeitspuren :thumb333851680: Ancient beech trees in fall, "Hutewald Halloh by zeitspuren
:thumb419948213: Save the planet by RobinHalioua :thumb261120338:
My Africa 69 by catman-suha Going on a December walk by jchanders Magic Road by PawelUchorczak

A view on paradise by Lidija-Lolic

Stragglers by Northstar76 Tangible by erynlasgalenphotoart :thumb415603533:
Lasers show by PawelUchorczak Little Oranges by jkrab crazy autumn by kriakao
On the crest by dominique-merot -Autumnal path- by Janek-Sedlar Light is Destiny by Oer-Wout

Glencoe by Greg-McKinnon

Norway 130 by lonelywolf2 CQ2A8647 by dfm63 Big Sur, Keyhole Arch by alierturk
That's the way by too-much4you our desert island by arbebuk Fairyland by Michaelthien
Stars Over Paradise by Niv24 Sunrise in Paradise by PeterJCoskun Reflecting Infinity by borda

Pamarican Village III by Chaerul-Umam

Reflected by m-eralp ALL is Well by Oer-Wout Blaze by jaelise
:thumb417687208: Engeloya Sunset by Dave-Derbis Reinebringen by TobiasRichter
Chamonix valley by TobiasRichter Storm above the Dead Sea by haimohayon Warm Morning by porbital

Arctic Night by Trichardsen

Icy Beach by Michaelthien Hope (Happy New Year!) by Inebriantia The lost Souls by StormAhead
Incorporeal by StormAhead I wonder by werol Bombastic Bombo II by Glenn-Crouch
Ring of Fire by Nokdar Salt River Sunrise by PeterJCoskun Mystic Dawning Reflections by octane2

Lagon by xavierrey

Inferno by AndrewShoemaker Horseshoe bend, milky way by alierturk Winter sunset from the Puy de la Vache by MaximeCourty
Good Morning Sire by MarvinDiehl Sunrise 2 by MrKold Reflecting Upon Dreams by Jordan-Roberts
Araucaria Vale by Miguel-Santos Sunrise lights by Wanowicz Homeward Bound by Leucareth

Bloodred was the sky this morning................ by Betuwefotograaf

Delicate Arch illuminated, Arches National Park by alierturk Pfeiffer Beach, reflection of thE Galaxy by alierturk San Francisco, unseen night 2 by alierturk
Magic Night by Michaelthien God Finger II by BrunoCHATARD The Wave by alexandre-deschaumes
Rockaforte by A2Matos on the rocks by christian-richter Lands End IV by maticgolob
Secluded by m-eralp Middle Earth by Glacierman54 Silver by Nelleke

gasp by grevys

Tannheim Mountains by cschoeps Dawnography by LukeAustin Fresh Snow by matthieu-parmentier
Up Eryl Farchog, Snowdonia by kronpano frosty top by acoresjo88 Ilot by Annabelle-Chabert
Iceland I - Jokulsarlon by ThomasHabets Tranquility by tourofnature Black rock peak by tihomirmladenov

Blue by acukur

Light of Earendil by RobertoBertero -Twilight on the island- by Janek-Sedlar Dark snow by vincentfavre
Where legends are born by dominique-merot DragoBrat by k-o-d-e-r blue mood by christian-richter
There will be an end by EbruSidar Cracks by Nelleke :thumb418320292:

Kendari III by Chaerul-Umam

Candle Lit Lake by PeterJCoskun Age Of The Fifth Sun by SvenMueller Darkfall by SvenMueller
Love for Universe by M-Atif-Saeed Night Lagoon by Draken413o Skaftafell by AndyMumford
Sidlaws Garden by Greg-McKinnon :thumb426559906: Waves II by Matthias-Haker

Color Carnival by sciph

Light In The Forest by valiunic A serpent in the canyon by Dee-T Ender Falls by lepersabstain
...toscana X... by roblfc1892 Uncle Tom House by PawelUchorczak Frozen Lake by RobertoBertero
Bluebell Path by danUK86 The Road To Awe by jkrab Winter Dress by ildiko-neer

Wordless giant by Lumpy2

Magical Phase by FlorentCourty Cleanse by Jordan-Roberts Unknown Germany pt. XLIV by TheChosenPesssimist
Meandri Uvca by Piroshki-Photography Bruarfoss by Michaelthien Christmas Revisited by Vividlight
Stac Pollaidh, Assynt, Scotland by SebastianKraus Giant's Causeway by Klarens-photography In Waves of Golden Light by NicolasAlexanderOtto

Lac des Quirlies by SvenMueller

Sakoneta by adamsalwanowicz Archway Islands Twilight by slickwilly182 Cosmic Genesis by alexandre-deschaumes
The path to Elysium by borda Alpine classic by TobiasRichter Heavy by Nelleke
Canyon Country by tourofnature Chamonix Range by TobiasRichter Golden teeth by matthieu-parmentier

Pangong Lake - Ladakh by zaffonato

thank you for your wonderful works

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thx 4 feature :)
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FabioKeiner Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
doch wenn alles, was in einem ist, als kunst nach aussen kommt, was bleibt dann noch?
nur leere, hoffentlich
(sagen die erleuchteten:))
'in der zeit des verrats sind die landschaften schön' (sagte der heiner müller (in einem seiner stücke): wie recht er hatte: je schöner die landschaft(sfotografie), umso schrecklicher und hässlicher das leben der menschen (bei sich zuhause:)
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